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10 Times Someone From Jackass Should’ve Died


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Before 3 seasons on TV, 7 movies in the theater, and a baker’s dozen worth of concussions to the head, Jackass started out as nothing more than Johnny Knoxville and a dream. Originally a minor commercial actor for brands such as ESPN and Bud Light, Knoxville was taking any job he could at the time, to take care of his then newborn baby. After interviewing with Big Brother, an outrageous skate-culture magazine company from the nineties, he pitched an idea that would go on to lay the groundwork for every future Jackass stunt down the road; Johnny Knoxville was going to film himself getting shot with a .38 revolver.

The overall concept for the video was simple, with Johnny testing self-defense equipment on himself for…….entertainment? Education? Entertation? The why is a little blurry. Possibly because Knoxville also poured pepper spray directly into his eyes and then tasered himself. You know, so that he could take care of his starving baby. Dad win?  After donning the (doctor recommended) bullet proof vest, the video ends with Johnny getting shot from the aforementioned FREAKING handgun. While some of the more squeamish communities might call this kind of behavior a “red flag” the video proved popular enough to get MTVs attention, officially launching Jackass away from silver bullets and on to the silver screen.

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